About Me

Welcome, to you who stumbled upon my digital abode. I am a graduate student in public health, but whose interests range widely. I’ve started to take writing and analysis as a kind of therapy in the 2022 year, and starting a blog is part of this. Consistent writing also helps me sharpen my skills in communication, and creating helps feed my soul.

You can expect a lot of different morsels here. I enjoy writing reviews on books, movies, songs, and other pieces of media when they speak to me. My background means I also will write up technical pieces regarding data analysis, public health problems, and biology. I have a range of interests in other areas, though, such as:

  • Systems thinking and systems design
  • Authenticity and deep connection between people
  • Music analysis
  • A “peek behind the curtain” (stay tuned :))

So that is some about me. This blog is largely me working in the open, constantly iterating, and hopefully not taking myself too seriously. I am open for friendly conversation, and hope you find my pixels pleasing to your visual cortex.

P.S. the name “Rifflebox” means “a small entertainment hall of a theater.” Well, actually it has no meaning, it is “a word that does not exist; it was invented, defined and used by a machine learning algorithm” from this website, and it just makes me giggle.